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On average January is San Francisco's coldest month, and about 4.5 inches of rain fall. Every night a blanket of fog flows through the city and then flows back out at some point the next morning (see below).

That's the average. Right now we're in the middle of the worst drought in decades, so last January temperatures were in the sixties and seventies, and less than an inch of rain fell.

You can probably expect this year to be more similar to last year than to the average, but be sure to pack for cold and rain anyway. No matter what the average looks like, it's entirely possible that a really cold, wet day will happen during the convention, so its best to be prepared.


San Francisco is notorious for its fog, so much so that "Karl the Fog" is a local favorite across many social media platforms - he has a Twitter handle, Facebook page, Instagram feed and LinkedIn page.

But don't get discouraged by Karl, there's actually "15 Reasons San Francisco's Fog is Actually Awesome." In fact, look at the best outside activities in San Francisco page for more suggestions.

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