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NADA 2015

Where to Get Coffee: Caffeine Fiend


Caffeine Fiend Definition

Ever wish you'd made your fifth mocha a quad because the double didn't quite give you the lift you were looking for? Yes?

OK, you're a fiend. And since NADA 2015 is packed wall to wall with exhibitors, keynote sessions, and once-in-a-lifetime networking opportunities, it may require exceptional levels of inbibing for you to really maximize the time.

San Francisco's cafes are the best in the world, so you might as well useyour habbit to explore the City! Enjoy!


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Atlas Cafe


Atlas Cafe on Yelp

Atlas Cafe has been serving great coffee in San Francisco's Mission District since April of 1996. We provide a casual, comfortable place for folks who live in the neighborhood to gather, eat, relax and socialize.

We offer a wide selection of handcrafted food items and sweet treats from local favorites. Our diverse menu includes tasty vegetarian and vegan food options. Come enjoy a California micro-brew on our spacious back patio, and hey bring your family along!

Locations, Hours & Contact Info.

3049 20th St.
San Francisco, CA 94110 (2.2 miles from NADA)

Monday - Friday: 6:30am - 10pm
Weekends: 8am - 8pm
Phone: (415) 648-1047


Blue Bottle Coffee


Blue Bottle Coffee on Yelp

Blue Bottle opened their Mint Plazz cafe in January of 2008, in the rear of the elgant 1912 Provident Loan Building in downtown San Francisco. In stark contrast to the old limestone-clad Mint just across the street, they loaded their shop with the prettiest, most delicate gear: Ther is a five-light siphon bar, manufactured by the lucky 9. Cremas company of Japan; a vintage San Marco lever espresso machine, built sometime in the late 1970s; and a Kyoto-style iced coffee apparatus, which produces a delicate, refined and fragrant cold-brewed coffee.

Locations, Hours & Contact Info.

66 Mint St.
San Francisco, CA 94103 (0.5 miles from NADA 2015)

Hours: Vary depending on location
Phone: (510) 653-3394


Buena Vista Cafe


Buena Vista Cafe on Yelp

The historic venture started on the night of November the 10th in 1952. Jack Koeppler, then-owner of the Buena Vista, challenged international travel writer Stanton Delaplane to help re-create a highly touted "Irish Coffee" served at Shannon Airport in Ireland. Intrigued, Stan Accepted Jack’s invitation, and the pair began to experiment immediately. History Smishstory ... get yourself down to The Buena Vista for the best Irish Coffee this side of Ireland. It's in the Wharf neighborhood, so take the trolly.

Locations, Hours & Contact Info.

2675 Hyde St. (at Beach)
San Francisco, CA 94109 (2.6 miles from NADA 2015)

Monday - Friday: 9am - 2pm
Weekends: 9am - 2pm
Phone: (415) 474-5044


Caffe Trieste


Caffe Trieste on Yelp

As the first Espresso coffee house on the West Coast in 1956, Caffe Trieste has been serving up optimum quality Espresso coffee and fabulous music for well over a half century in San Francisco. The historic flagship location in North Beach hosts poets, writers, composers and artists, all enjoying the some the finest coffee in San Francisco and the World.


Locations, Hours & Contact Info.

609 Vallejo St.
San Francisco, CA (2.2 miles from NADA 2015)

Friday & Saturday: 6:30am - 11pm
Sunday - Thursday: 6:30am - 10pm
Phone: (415) 982-2605


Caffe Cento at the Fairmont


Caffe Cento on Yelp

The Fairmont San Francisco’s Caffé Cento, recently named one of the country’s Best Hotel Coffee Bars by Huffington Post, now also serves beer and wine daily from 10:00am-6:00pm.  Wines and beers are local blends and brews. Go and experience a great cup of joe on top of Nob Hill, take the trolly while you're at it.

Locations, Hours & Contact Info.

801 Powell St.
San Francisco, CA 94108 (1.1 miles from NADA 2015)

Hours: 6am - 6pm
(415) 772-5032


Dynamo Donut & Coffee


Dynamo Donut & Coffee on Yelp

Everyone loves a donut, but Sara Spearin's confections are well above average. At Dynamo Donut + Coffee, Spearin takes her years in the kitchens of some of San Francisco's top restaurants (Foreign Cinema, Liberty Cafe, Stars, Postrio) to create flavor pairings you'd be more likely to find in artisinal pastries than in the humble donut.

Locations, Hours & Contact Info.

2760 24th St. (between York & Hampshire)
San Francisco, CA 94110 (3.2 miles from NADA 2015)

Monday: Closed
Tuesday - Saturday: 7am - 5pm
Sunday: 9am - 4pm
Phone: (415) 920-1978


Mario's Bohemian Cigar Store Cafe


Mario's Bohemian Cigar Store Cafe on Yelp

When you visit Mario's, you feel all the rich history of North Beach. Mario's Bohemian Cigar Store founded by Mario Crismani and his wife, Liliana has all the wonderful ambiance of North Beach packed into one little Cafe.

Their oven baked Focaccia Sandwiches are to die for. The meatball sandwich - so much more spectacular than its name - is a culinary treat.


Locations, Hours & Contact Info.

566 Columbus Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94133 (1.9 miles from NADA 2015)

Hours: 10am - 11pm
Phone: (415) 362-0536


Piccino Cafe


Piccino Cafe on Yelp

Piccino's coffee bar has its own entrance on 22nd Stree, and serves carefully crafted Sightglass organic coffee drinks. Our baking team offers a mouth-watering array of items such as sticky buns, mushroom turnovers, sweet and savorty scones, a pistachio tart, cookies, and our own granola and yogurt. The coffee bar is also the place to both give and receive take-out orders from the restaurant, and its hours have recently been extended until 10pm.

Locations, Hours & Contact Info.

1001 Minnesota St.
San Francisco, CA 94107 (2.4 miles from NADA 2015)

Monday: 6:30am - 5pm
Tuesday - Friday: 6:30am - 10pm
Weekends: 7am - 10pm
Phone: (415) 824-4224


Sightglass Coffee


Sightglass Coffee on Yelp

Sightglass is an independent, sibling-owned coffee company in San Francisco. To us, a good craftsperson works tirelessly to perfect and deliver excellence. The best creations are the ones that are made by hand and Sightglass, coffee is our hands-on craft.

Locations, Hours & Contact Info.

270 7th St.
San Francisco, CA 94103 (0.9 miles from NADA 2015)

Monday - Saturday: 7am - 7pm
Sunday: 8am - 7pm
Phone: (415) 861-1313


Trouble Coffee Company


Trouble Coffee Company on Yelp

Can you figure out that website? We can't, but if you can weather the hipster scorn the toast will blow you away. People go nuts for the coconuts. Walk down to Ocean Beach and enjoy your java by the surf.

Locations, Hours & Contact Info.

4033 Judah St.
San Francisco, CA 94122 (6.7 miles from NADA 2015)

Phone: (415) 555-1212