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"Dealerships who respond creatively to challenges will remain auto industry cornerstones ..."

Drivers are operating the oldest fleet of cars in history for a number of reasons. For auto dealers to sell more cars in a constantly evolving market, they must learn to adapt. This one-of-a-kind resource is a must-read for both new and used auto dealers.  

Download the white paper to learn:

  • • The 3 biggest disruptions that have effected vehicle development
  • • Why the dealership model plays a vital role for the future
  • • Why consumers will still write checks for cars and trucks




Table of Contents Sneak Peek:

  • • Change is Tough
  • • The Politics of Confusion
  • • From the Oldest Fleet ... to the Cleanest
  • • Electric Kool-Aid Plug-In Test
  • • The Art of War



Download the White Paper