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Is Your Current Check Processor Declining too Many Checks?

Plus Sales is a stand-alone check guarantee program for merchants who currently have a check processing service, but receive declined checks.

While decline rates average 8 – 10% or more in certain high-volume merchant categories, Plus Sales makes every sale count by turning declined checks into approved transactions.

Plus Sales Can Help Merchants:

  • - Mitigate risk
  • - Complete sales instead of turning away customers
  • - Eliminate the awkwardness of declining checks
  • - Simplify payment processing
  • - Increase sales revenue

Plus Sales Can Help Merchants:

When checks are declined by existing check processing providers, merchants simply run the checks through the Plus Sales authorization process for approval. 

  • - Plus Sales does not require ANY additional equipment.
  • - Merchants phone CrossCheck’s authorization line or visit its website to receive approval in seconds.
  • - If approved checks are returned by the bank, then merchants send them to CrossCheck for processing and reimbursement.




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