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About CrossCheck

CrossCheck is a leading provider of payments guarantee services to US merchants. Its popular blog has over 3,000 subscribers and 10k total views each month.

The editorial team is always interested in guest articles, infographics and videos while simultaneously welcoming opportunities to compose guest pieces in other publications. Please contact to make a request.


Content Audience & Story Angle

The CrossCheck blog audience is mostly owners, owner-operators and managers in the verticals listed in the right column.

Articles are generally written from a B2B perspective, offering merchants recent news or business-development tips as well as information intended to help their customers (business or consumer).

CrossCheck publishes unique articles (700-plus original words) and curated articles (600 – 750 original words about conferences, tradeshows or recent news items) as well as infographics or videos related to one of the targeted verticals.

The content always transitions to a call-to-action (CTA) about downloading a free guide or webinar. (We will write this.)

Other Blog Writing Details

  • Guest articles are edited in-house.
  • Submit articles in MS Word only.
  • Use a professional, third-person voice.
  • Include linked sources as necessary.
  • Keywords must be included in the title, first sentence and in several subsequent paragraphs.
  • Photos are not required (we use iStock).
  • Articles* must be 100% unique and able to successfully pass plagiarism software.
  • Download the "How to Write a Simultaneous B2B and B2C Article" file for greater detail.

Other Infographic & Video Details

  • Static and animated infographics should be no more than 660 pixels wide.
  • Videos should be less than 2:30 and be submitted as snippets of HTML code.
  • The creative works* must be 100% unique.
* Published works are the intellectual property of CrossCheck in perpetuity, and may not be reused or repurposed at any time.

Sample Unique Articles

Sample Curated Articles

Hundreds of other examples may be found at the CrossCheck blog with linked topics in the "Browse by Tag" section.

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